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Visualskies offers a range of 3D scanning services designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and portability for immersive, VFX-ready 3D models. Our services include end-to-end environment digitization using drones and LIDAR technology, an all-in-one Cyber rig for head and body scanning, and a customized system for scanning objects and props. Our expert team can help. Learn more about our 3D scanning services here.

As a member of the Visualskies team, I'm proud to say that our 3D scanning services are second-to-none. The crew have carefully crafted the end-to-end system to be both precise and portable, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality data for their projects.

Jandira GuasqueSenior 3D Artist


Our Visualskies Cyber rig is a all in one 3D scanning services for any head + body position. Meticulously engineered to ensure exceptional portability without sacrificing scanning fidelity. Learn more here.

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Our end-to-end environment digitization system, incorporating drones and LIDAR technology, has been designed as a versatile 3D scanning service to enable immersive, VFX ready 3D models. Learn more here.

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Visualskies offers a customized 3D scanning system for objects and props that utilizes advanced technologies to deliver exceptional accuracy and portability, providing precise data. Learn more here.

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