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3d scanning, cyber scanning

Capturing Unparalleled Detail With Every Scan

  • Supplying productions globally.
  • Head and full body capture rigs.
  • 4D and FAC capabilities.
  • Adaptable for dynamic poses.
Pixel Perfect In Every Scan

Leading Source of Meta-Human Capture for Premium Film and TV Productions

Visualskies produced outstanding work on Napoleon. They captured costumes, props, location and all our talented SAs with beautiful detail, the quality is a pleasure to behold.

Charley HenleyVFX Supervisor

Key Features

Custom Modular Pod Design

Our full-body cyber rig is versatile and adaptable, designed to operate seamlessly at various sizes to accommodate any requirements.

Millisecond Camera Synchronisation

Our advanced camera system ensures ultra-precise timing and accuracy in every frame captured for flawless scanning results

Rapid Data Capture Time

Capture large volumes of data, with no downtime and a 10-gigabit network speed, downloads are easy and ready to use.

Programmable Lighting Conditions

Unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing us to create the perfect illumination for every scanning scenario.

Cross Polarised Light Setup

Reduces glare and enhances detail capture for unparalleled clarity and precision. Ideal for complex surfaces and the highest fidelity.

Automated Processing Pipeline

Advanced algorithms streamline every step from data intake to output, ensuring high-quality results with minimal intervention.

Multi-Phase Delivery Options

From initial mesh structuring to advanced detailing and final wrap, ensuring top-tier precision and quality in our 3D renderings.

Streamlined Cataloguing System

A streamlined cataloguing system makes your selection process efficient and effortless throughout the production process.

Head + Full Body Rig

Head Rig


Cyber Projects


Scanned Assets


Locations Globally
Cyber Scanning
Cyber Scanning