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Environment Scanning

Visualskies stands as a Leica Geosystems-approved operator, that specialises in offering advanced scanning solutions, leveraging the highest quality equipment for environment 3D scanning across various sectors. Our expertise extends to utilising state-of-the-art technology, both on the ground and in the air. Our suite of tools, delivers unparalleled precision and quality in environmental scanning, digital mapping, and visual effects, providing comprehensive data for a range of projects.

Environment Scanning

30+ Years LiDAR

Scanning Experience

With our LiDAR capture we focus on ensuring that all our data, from environment scanning to 3D modelling, is both precise and accurate, providing reliable and high-quality results for every project.

Environment scanning

Globally Recognised

UAV Pilots

Excelling at drone operations enables us to conduct detailed and accurate scanning in even the most inaccessible environments. We ensure high-quality 3D data from the skies, providing a new perspective in every project

Environment Scanning

Expert Photogrammetry Operators

Our team of experts specialises in photogrammetry, employing cutting-edge techniques to transform photographs into precise 3D models. Recreating complex environments with exceptional detail and accuracy.

“Visualskies produced outstanding work on Napoleon. They captured costumes, props, location and all our talented SAs with beautiful detail, the quality is a pleasure to behold.”

Charley HenleyVFX Supervisor | Napoleon

“Lost Cities is going to be sensational series with genuinely amazing scenes and reveals helped greatly by the Visualskies team's dedication to excellence and innovation.”

Sam MaynardEx VP USA Factual Programming

“Visualskies were integral to the success of EMMY-nominated Ted Lasso - Season 3. They handled all our LiDAR and Photogrammetry of Premier League stadiums with ease and efficiency.”

James MacLachlanVFX Supervisor | Ted Lasso
Digitising Industries

At Visualskies, our mission is to harness the full potential of volumetric media, a tool proven in top-tier VFX, and make it accessible to all businesses seeking to revolutionize their future. We’re committed to bringing this cutting-edge technology to a wider audience, empowering companies to step into the next era of digital innovation.


Transforming complex data into comprehensible 3D models for enhanced understanding and decision-making.


Enhance logistical planning and operations, while gathering essential metrics for in-depth analysis and strategic improvements.


Adapting volumetric media solutions to fit businesses of all sizes, ensuring scalability and flexibility.


Enabling dynamic interaction with 3D models, offering immersive experiences and detailed analysis.




We supply the data to the highest level of Hollywood, making the difference when it comes to high-end visual effects.



Houses of Parliament

Our meticulous scanning of the Houses of Parliament facilitated a significant restoration project, ensuring accurate preservation and protection of this historical landmark.



House of The Dragon

The top television shows rely on us as their preferred provider for cutting-edge VFX solutions.




Our advanced scanning services play a crucial role in amplifying marketing strategies, providing detailed visuals that enhance and elevate promotional efforts.




For restoration projects demanding the utmost accuracy and precision, our services are consistently sought after to provide detailed and reliable data.




Our precision scanning services significantly enhance gaming environments, bringing unparalleled realism and detail to virtual worlds

The Go-To



For restoration projects demanding the utmost accuracy and precision, our services are consistently sought after to provide detailed and reliable data.



Lost Cities

changing the landscape of archaeology, offering new dimensions of precision and depth in the study of historical sites.
Capture. Create. Experience.

Any location: No matter how challenging the environment.

Global Reach: With offices around the world, we are equipped for any instance.

Custom-Fit Technology: Adapting to unique project requirements