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A Proud Moment For Visualskies

What do you need to be a drone pilot? – In the UK, becoming a drone pilot requires specific certifications, namely the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) and the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC). These credentials ensure you’re well-versed in aviation laws, safety protocols, and risk assessment. Additionally, for more complex flight operations, you may need an Operational Authorisation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Insurance covering property damage and public liability is also mandatory.

How do you do drone photogrammetry? – Drone photogrammetry involves capturing high-resolution aerial images, which are later processed to create 3D models or maps. First, you need to plan your flight path carefully to ensure complete area coverage. Once airborne, the drone follows this path, capturing overlapping images at regular intervals. These images are then fed into photogrammetry software where they are stitched together to produce detailed 3D models or topographical maps.

How much do drones cost? – The cost of drones can vary widely depending on their capabilities. Entry-level consumer drones can start as low as £300, whereas professional-grade drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced flight capabilities can easily exceed £5,000. Specialised drones used for commercial applications like photogrammetry and industrial inspections can cost even more. Some of our drones reach upwards of £40,000+.

Our Newest Drone Pilot

Scanning Experts, drone pilots

Jandira Guasque

Senior 3D Artist | Drone Pilot

The Visualskies Flight Crew

drone pilots

Lydia Fauser

Senior 3D Artist | Drone Pilot

Throughout my career, I have specialised in the onsite data capture as well as the optimisation of the captured data for heritage, architecture, innovative interactive applications and high-end visual effects for film and TV such as HBO’s House of the Dragon, Marvel’s Moon Knight, Netflix’ Bridgerton and Ridley Scott’s Napoleon. I’m honoured to have collected and processed aerial data for archaeological research at Petra in Jordan (Newman & Rojas) and for condition surveys of The Palace of Westminster. With my degree as Master of Engineering in Audiovisual Media I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Team VS develops and utilises cutting-edge technologies with passion. We always keep pushing the boundaries whilst simultaneously having a great time. We believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Inspired by Nat Geo’s ‘Lost Cities with Albert Lin’ and Visualskies’ contribution to it, I moved to London to combine my love for drones, nature and adventure at Visualskies.

drone pilots

Joseph Steel

Founder | Director | Drone Pilot

For over a decade, I have had the privilege of developing numerous groundbreaking solutions at the pinnacle of the film industry; collaborating with esteemed clients such as MARV, Disney, Apple, Marvel, and Warner Brothers; playing a crucial role in providing bespoke volumetric strategies to countless award winning productions. Since starting Visualskies, my passion for global scanning has grown exponentially, transforming myself into somewhat of an adventurer. Despite enduring countless bites, traversing deserts, and even battling with Malaria, one thing remains clear: the show must go on!

Scanning Experts, drone pilots

Ross Dannmayr

Founder| Director | Drone Pilot

I’ve drawn on my 10+ years as a Chartered Architect to influence the strategic direction for Visualskies Studios; utilising a diverse range of cutting-edge 3D technology solutions across a range of industries. I’m in charge of our day-to-day and long term business management, ensuring smooth operations as well as fostering a dynamic and creative environment. Visualskies Studios is a multifaceted, international team and I pride myself on making sure each member has the framework to excel above all client expectations. We extend a warm invitation to all to visit our studios, meet the dedicated team and see some of the exciting technology we’re working on. When I’m not drone scanning or aligning LiDAR, I’m an avid cyclist, triathlon runner, family man and connoisseur of Sunday barbecues.

Scanning Experts, drone pilots

William Jackson

Technician | Trainee Drone Pilot

Hi I am Will, part-time nerd and full-time Technician at Visualskies. I have a Masters in Electronic Engineering with a background in computer vision and a passion for the synergy between hardware and software. Over my time at Visualskies, I have been able to apply my skills to a wide variety of projects ranging from Cyber Rig construction to Unity/Unreal game development. Due to the consistent evolutionary nature of our work I’m always looking to constantly adjust and improve all components of our technical capabilities. I am proud to be part of the Visualskies team where we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any problem, no matter how deep the rabbit hole.

Drone Pilots

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What Drone Licenses Do You Need?

  • 500g to 2kg
  • 50m From Uninvolved Persons
  • No Direct Overflight
  • Low Risk Environments
  • 2kg And Above
  • Extensive Training
  • No Set Distance Limitations
  • Higher Risk Environments


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Piers Montgomery