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Mobile Photogrammetry Rigs: Pioneering 3D Scanning Across Industries

What is cyber scanning? – A cutting-edge digital technique, cyber scanning captures unparalleled 3D representations of objects, people, and surroundings. It’s more than just creating an image; it’s about capturing reality in its most detailed form.

What is the purpose of digitising actors? – Digitising actors allows for realistic CGI representation in movies, games, virtual fashion shows, and augmented reality platforms. This digital version can be manipulated for various on-screen actions, like explosions or transformations, without physical risks or high production costs.

How does portability of cyber scanning rigs benefit production teams? The modular and compact design of mobile photogrammetry rigs allows for quick setup and dismantling, making it feasible to transport them to varied locations. This means production teams can capture high-fidelity 3D scans on-site, even in challenging environments where traditional setups would be impractical, thus saving time and reducing logistical challenges.

Why make them mobile?

The Evolution of Our Mobile Cyber Scanning Rigs

In 2007, my team and I envisioned 3D scanning not merely as another tool in a broader toolchain but as an avenue to produce unique content in its own right. Our aim was to capture moments in an instance in their entirety, akin to a photograph, but enriched with full 3D geometry. To actualise this vision, we pioneered some of the first commercially available photogrammetry camera array systems, harnessing the power of standard DSLR cameras in an array. Since no ready-made solutions existed at the time, we had to innovate at every step. From calibration techniques and specialised photogrammetry software, to data management processes and novel post processing workflows, we had to craft bespoke solutions at every juncture. While the industry has evolved significantly, the foundational principles and processes we established remain intact. At Visualskies, innovation is ceaseless. Our existing equipment ranks among the world's best, and our forthcoming innovations promise to redefine cyber rigs for years to come.

Callum ReidMD Europe
V1 Head Rig | 2020 | The Beginning
mobile photogrammetry rigs

Paradigm Shift

One of the core goals of Visualskies is to be able to scan anything. Having spent the previous 5 years developing drone technology to successfully digitise large landscapes we noticed our clients were increasingly also looking for digital humans. At this point we decide to create our first photogrammetry rig; defined by two key principles, flexibility and portability.

Star-studded start

Our entry into the world of cyber scanning was nothing short of cinematic. Our first commission was the footballing superstar Ronaldo! Our clients trust in us to deliver on such a high profile digital double was a testament to our commitment and 3D scanning capabilities. Using our new state-of-the-art mobile photogrammetry rig, we captured Ronaldo's likeness with an accuracy and precision that set new industry standards.

Adapt and Evolve

For us the key is adaptability and our mobile photogrammetry envelope just that. By integrating this technology, we not only enhanced our service portfolio but also sent a clear message to the industry: we are here to innovate, adapt, and lead. Over the past three years, we've embarked on a relentless journey of innovation, meticulously refining and optimising every facet of our rigs. From enhancing camera systems and lighting configurations to fine-tuning software algorithms and material textures, our commitment to excellence has ensured that our mobile photogrammetry rigs remain at the forefront of industry standards. One of the most pivotal moments came when we decided to switch from flash to constant LED lighting. This allows us to shoot 4D, program complex lighting states, reduces the electrical load and the removes the stress on the subjects eyes thats associated with flash.

Today and Beyond

Now, armed with our advanced mobile photogrammetry rigs, we're not just participants in the digital imaging sector; we're pioneers. With every project, we reinforce our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to industry needs. Looking back, our pivot in 2020 stands as a defining moment, bridging our past's foundations with our future's vision, all centred around our mobile photogrammetry rigs' unmatched capabilities.
Head Rig | On Set | 2023
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Expanding Horizons

Cyber Projects

In just three years our Cyber Scanning department has grown to become 35% of our business

Outside Film/TV

We have grown to 32% of our jobs outside of Film/TV; showing the increased adoption of 3D scanning

Client Satisfaction

We have had an incredible amount of feedback on our digital doubles. All happy clients in the rig.

Technical Breakdown: Where Precision Meets Versatility

Mobile Photogrammetry Rig
Mobile Photogrammetry Rigs


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