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The Specialists in 3D Scanning

What is 3D Scanning? – 3D scanning is a term for capturing the physical world’s shape, colour, and texture in all three dimensions. Using various methods, from laser scanning to photogrammetry or structured light, the process generates a point cloud or a 3D model that digitally represents the scanned object or environment. This can be used in a wide range of applications, from visual effects in movies to creating virtual reality experiences, or even architectural and archaeological preservation.

How do I get into 3D scanning? – Venturing into 3D scanning starts right at home, with accessible tools like smartphone applications that leverage photogrammetry or a quality digital camera to create detailed 3D models. To professionally pursue this field, you can advance to dedicated 3D scanners and broaden your skills with relevant courses, 3d scanning studios and certifications. The journey into 3D scanning is a blend of technology and creativity. Whether you’re exploring it as a hobby or a career, stay curious, patient, and willing to learn, and you’ll open doors to a world of possibilities.

Is 3D scanning worth it? – Absolutely! 3D scanning offers an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, which traditional methods can’t match. It allows us to capture, store, and analyse complex real-world objects and environments in a digital format. This can save time, reduce costs, and offer innovative solutions across various industries like film, gaming, architecture, construction, and healthcare or just provide the excitement of digitising your home. With the rise of AI, we have seen an increase in the creation of digital worlds. At this point, it can’t match the detail from capture from traditional methods.

Why do we do what we do? – At the heart of Visualskies, we do what we do because of our team. As a cohesive unit, everyone is fuelled by our collective passion for technology and its transformative potential. Everyone in our team loves to explore all that volumetric processes have to offer, paving the way for creativity and innovation. We do what we do because we believe in the power of 3D scanning to create a future where digital and physical realities can seamlessly merge and interact. Not to mention the places we travel to make magic happen.

The Core of Visualskies: A Tight-Knit Team in a Dynamic Field

Our London Team
3d scanning studio
Cyber Scan | Vogue China

Our Coordinated Vision: The Many Studios of Visualskies 

Photogrammetry Studio

High Resolution

Our Photogrammetry studio harnesses the power of intricate photography techniques to create precise 3D models. Working from our bases in London, Berlin, and New York, we apply this technology to diverse projects, capturing everything from historical artefacts to expansive architectural structures.

LiDAR Studio

Millimetre Accurate

Within our LiDAR studio, we employ light-based scanning technology to generate spatial data with millimetre-perfect precision. Our spectrum of applications for this technology is vast, encompassing everything from large environments to the most intricate of film sets.

Our Berlin Office

Our Global Footprint: London, Berlin and New York

Looking Forward

As a 3D scanning studio that prides itself on its adaptability, we’re always looking ahead. We continually embrace new technologies and methodologies to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of the industry. From traditional photogrammetry and LiDAR techniques to exploring the applications of spatial computing in our workflows, we’re excited about the future of 3D scanning and our place within it.

We will step in for any developers, creators and pioneers looking to transform their experiences into ones that can fully utilise the new technology. Specialising in adventure we can and have transported viewers to places and experiences they couldn’t otherwise reach.

The Team On The Set of Lost Cities
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