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Fusing of Spatial Computing and Volumetric Media

What technologies are included in spatial computing? –  Apple Spatial computing can be enriched by volumetric media to revolutionise digital interactions. Volumetric 3D scanning, a key component of this tech landscape, captures and digitises real-world objects for immersive exploration. Apple’s Vision Pro exemplifies this integration and the synergy embodies the transformative potential of Apple spatial computing.

What is the use of spatial computing? – Spatial computing, as epitomised by Apple’s Vision Pro goes beyond traditional computing interfaces to incorporate the user’s physical environment into the digital experience. The applications are broad and encompass fields like gaming, remote collaboration, design, and more. It provides an intuitive and immersive way to navigate, create, and communicate.

Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR? – Apple’s Vision Pro is primarily an AR device, but its integration of spatial media; blending virtual reality and physical space, blurs the line between VR and AR, offering a truly immersive experience. We can help to seamlessly apply the interaction with three-dimensional space.

What is the future of VR and spatial media? – Apple’s Vision Pro is a prime example of pushing the boundaries of VR and spatial media. As we further explore spatial computing and volumetric media, we expect unprecedented advancements in how we interact with digital content. With Apple’s direction, this is looking to be especially prevalent within the home environment; however, there is potential for them to utilise this technology in the way they film and create shows for Apple TV+

Visualskies to Unleash the Power of Spatial Computing

Volumetric Scan of Petra | With the University of Chicago

What are the similarities and differences between Spatial Media and Volumetric Media?

Spatial Computing

New and exciting future

Spatial media brings to life the dynamics of spatial computing, embedding digital elements and interfaces within our actual surroundings. This form of technology promotes interaction with digital media seamlessly within our physical reality. This fusion elevates our level of engagement and instils a heightened sense of immersion and interaction.

Volumetric Media

Our way, tried and tested

Volumetric media signifies the process of capturing and processing objects/environments from our physical world in a 3D digital format. These transformative methods transform tangible spaces and objects into their high-resolution digital counterparts using state-of-the-art techniques such as Photogrammetry and LiDAR.

AI Generated Concept Art | Using Our Scans

Reflections on Apple’s Vision Pro and the Surge of Volumetric Media in Film Production






Apple's continued foray into spatial computing is markedly different from the conventional video-game oriented approach of other headsets. As a volumetric media specialist, this shift is more than just interesting – it's pivotal for our industry.

Callum Rex ReidManaging Director, Visualskies Europe
Takeo Kanade

How will Visualskies use Spatial computing?

Visualskies stands at the intersection of technology and creativity, embracing cutting-edge advancements in spatial computing and volumetric media. Our expertise in 3D scanning technology and volumetric capture has positioned us to be at the forefront of new and emerging technologies in the AR space.

With the advent of devices like Apple’s Vision Pro, we see vast potential for the application of our services. The 3D capture capabilities of our teams worldwide align perfectly with the spatial computing focus of the Vision Pro. We offer innovative solutions allowing us to create incredibly detailed and accurate digital reproductions of physical spaces and objects.

We will step in for any developers, creators and pioneers looking to transform their experiences into ones that can fully utilise the new technology. Specialising in adventure we can and have transported viewers to places and experiences they couldn’t otherwise reach.

High Resolution Volumetric Media


Piers Montgomery