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Visualskies travelled to stunning Warsaw to scan a host of complex locations and props for the action packed “Play Has No Limits” ad from @playstation.

Story of the shoot:

Visualskies have once again been working with our friends at Untold Studios; this time collaborating on Sony Playstation’s latest blockbuster commercial ‘Play Has No Limits’. 

Following on from a renewed world-wide interest in the game of chess, in no small measure due to the success of Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the new spot – directed by Francois Rousselet – revolves around an epic game of chess, set in a city laid out like a giant chess board where a cast of exotically-costumed chess piece characters battle against each other. Sony’s SVP and head of global marketing Eric Lempel said in a blog post about the spot that it “takes the viewer on a reimagined journey through one of history’s oldest and most revered games. In a fantastical city as the backdrop, play is governed by rules and limitations — and we see what happens when one player defies conventions and stands triumphant, proving that play has no limits.”  

The challenge laid down for Visualskies was to 3D scan and model large tracts of cityscape on location in Warsaw to provide photorealistic digital assets that Untold could re-purpose as a futuristic dystopian backdrop for the epic game. Using a combination of terrestrial LiDAR and high resolution photogrammetry, Visualskies digitised multiple buildings, bridges, subways and streetscapes, as well as a number of purpose-built interior sets, in the Polish capital. Further digital assets were created of a helicopter and a selection of weapons seen during the piece, requiring Visualskies to adapt our data-capture methodology appropriately. 

Papaya Films provided essential location support to the crew from Visualskies and Untold Studios for the duration of the shoot and it is a testament to the close cooperation between everyone involved that one of the largest terrestrial scanning projects undertaken by Visualskies was completed without a hitch.

Untold Studios and Visualskies share a common ethos, a desire to be an integral part of a world class hub of creative talent and technological expertise; and this entertaining new spot perfectly encapsulates these values.

Equipment used: Leica P50 LiDAR Scanner, Leica RTC360 LiDAR Scanner, Sony a7Riv Digital Cameras, Nikon Z7 Digital Camera

Info: Work completed in 15 days. Number of laser scans 522. Number of photographs 21,800


Untold Studios


LiDAR and Prop Scanning



Duncan, Jandira and the team at Visualskies are without question the most knowledgeable and technically adept in the field. Having worked with them across many shoots over the years, their attention to detail is second to none and it shows in the flawless results. They somehow manage to surpass my expectations every time I work with them. On set is when their experience really shines through. They have a knack of just knowing what to capture, without me even asking. They are courteous, professional and not afraid to put in the time and effort to achieve the best results. I always aim to work with the best, so I know we will work together again very soon

David FleetHead of VFX @ Untold Studios
Robbie Mathieson

Production Manager at Visualskies