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Visualskies were delighted to have the opportunity to provide Untold Studios with our full range of terrestrial and aerial scanning services on their latest incredible piece of VFX wizardry for MoneySuperMarket.

Story of the shoot:

The unflappable money calm bull has found a challenging opponent in the latest leg of MoneySuperMarket’s “Money Calm” series. The commercial shows the bull as he faces off against a Godzilla-style monster in a car park. The brand mascot remains “as calm as caramel” as the 150ft beast smashes its car before sauntering off into the distance. 

Filmed on a foggy morning in a semi-deserted Billingsgate Market, we were tasked with creating a fully textured digital model of the car park at the market, so that the live action plates could seamlessly blend with the fully CGI ‘Godzilla’ and Money Calm Bull superbly brought to life by Untold Studios. Further digital assets were also required of a selection of much abused vehicles that were going to fall foul of the giant feet of the monster. We used our much vaunted VS Array multi camera rig mounted on one of our DJI M600 Pro drones to collect thousands of aerial photogrammetric images of the Docklands area, mainly concentrating on the surface of the car park. These were processed alongside terrestrial images and LiDAR data in Reality Capture to create a photo-real environment in which battle commenced. We also LiDAR scanned and photographed a number of Mazda sports cars in varying damaged states as reference material for the CGI destruction of the poor unfortunate vehicle.

The final result surpasses even our expectations; we are used to talking in superlatives when it comes to the work done by Untold Studios, but this really is extra special.

Equipment used: 1 x DJI M600 Pro drone with VSArray multi camera system. 1 x Leica P50 Long Range Laser Scanner. 1 x Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner. 3 x Sony a7Rii cameras + 20mm, 24mm 35mm 55mm & 85mm prime lenses

Info: Work completed in one day. Number of laser scans 93. Number of photographs 11,001


Untold Studios


LiDAR and Prop Scanning



Duncan, Jandira and the team at Visualskies are without question the most knowledgeable and technically adept in the field. Having worked with them across many shoots over the years, their attention to detail is second to none and it shows in the flawless results. They somehow manage to surpass my expectations every time I work with them. On set is when their experience really shines through. They have a knack of just knowing what to capture, without me even asking. They are courteous, professional and not afraid to put in the time and effort to achieve the best results. I always aim to work with the best, so I know we will work together again very soon

David FleetHead of VFX @ Untold Studios
Duncan Lees