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Drones Raced Across The Finish Line at The Portimão Circuit

Visualskies champions Duncan Lees and Ross Dannmayr took to the Portimão race track for our friends at Untold studios. Sadly, although they were not in the cockpit of an F1 car, they were equipped with high-end drones, LiDAR systems and the need for speed. With the data collected we were able to build a high resolution textured model of the 4.6km track and deliver it within the week. All of us at Visualskies are very excited to be a part of this high octane sport and the video showcasing our work may have already graced your television screens on F1 race days.
There was no cruising on the capture days and much like the track, Ross and Duncan had to navigate hairpin bends, fast corners and chicanes to make sure our data was number one on the podium. Continue to scroll for more highlights.


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